The World is a Giant Peanut Butter Sammich With or Without Jelly

I’ve been trying to figure out just what is going to set me apart from other bloggers and I came up with an amazing self discovery answer. Nothing! Oh that doesn’t mean I’m not interesting, it doesn’t mean I have no wisdom to impart and it doesn’t mean that at times I can be controversial. But in reading many of the blogs online, I’ve discovered that truly the world is a giant peanut butter Sandwich with or without Jelly.

It has a solid base, which can be in many forms of support for the insides. Like a Sandwich, we know that we start with bread. Ah, yes, but what kind of bread? Do you go for the usual white bread from the store in the bag kind, or the white bread that is homemade or homemade out of a breadmaker? Do you prefer a white roll instead of bread? Hmm…moving on…What Kind of bread? Do you prefer wheat, rye, pumpernickel, Italian, flavored…see…not as easy as you thought! Or was it? Ok…now move on to the next layer of the sandwich. Do you spread a bit of butter or margarine just to give a bit extra taste or to serve as a platform for easier spreading of the peanut butter? Ok, that decision done, let’s move on to the peanut butter itself. Will it be fresh or store bought? Will it be Chunky or Smooth? Will it already have the jelly in the peanut butter or not? And finally if it is “store bought” do you opt for the natural or do you go for the over the counter tried and true kinds?

Now, let’s look at all the different companies that make Peanut Butter. I’ve done a taste test of peanut butters, and find I personally like the flavor and texture of using Jif peanut butter. When I was younger I was a Skippy tried and true devotee! My taste has changed. And as far as the all natural peanut butter, I find it WAY too dry for me! I get choked on it! Don’t know why. Ok now we are up to the most important part, the part that makes our taste buds do the happy dance on our tongues…the Jelly. Jelly or Jam? Perhaps Apple Butter? Nah…let’s not dilute the message. Back to the Jelly or Jam! Again…homemade or store bought? With or without fruit chunks? And then the almighty questions—Which flavor and made by which company? Tough decisions aren’t they? And after all this you might just prefer the bread alone or any combination of the suggested makings.

Equate these pressing decisions to the everyday blogger. They are indeed the makings of great sandwiches. We eat these blogs up in our attempt to understand the world. We want to understand why people think the way they do, act the way they do. And even after we’ve found the few people that view the world in ways either like we ourselves do or the blogs that SO go against everything we believe therefore we must read, we sit silently in front of a monitor, iphone, or whatever device to read what others have to say. We don’t seem to know what we ourselves think until we’ve read or listened to the thoughts of others. We form our opinions and our prejudices (and yes we do form prejudices we just don’t talk about them) based upon the opinions of others.

My husband is a techy kind of nerdy guy who has been in the computer industry for over 30 years. He doesn’t read blogs, or twitter. He just looks up information when it’s needed.

While typing up my blog entry the other night, he came up behind me and read over my shoulder. He then sucked in his breath rapidly in a hissing sound which startled me enough to make me pivot the chair. “What are you doing?” he asked in an incredulous tone. “You don’t want to tell that intimate of things to people. Don’t you know how many weirdo’s there are out there reading these things?” I took great offense. Number one that censorship had raised it’s ugly head in my own home, and two that he didn’t comment on how tremendous the writing was! I replied that I felt that what I had to say could be very beneficial to someone who might read my blog. The look on his face was indescribable. I wasn’t sure what was going on behind those big brown eyes. He then said, “I just don’t get the fascination with putting everything out there for anyone to see.” I thought about that for a couple of days now. I have to agree, I don’t see the fascination either, but I do feel the need to write. Perhaps that’s all this is, a giant homework essay assignment. But whatever the reason, the internet has become a place for us all to hear the minds of people who we always wondered what they were really thinking. I’m done pontificating for now. It’s lunchtime. I think I’ll go and ponder my Peanut Butter choices.


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