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Oh God, People Actually Read THIS?

No pressure here…but I have had NUMEROUS lovely messages from People on Twitter and actually across the Internet saying…Hi Londie…I read your blog! I was like, Are You KIDDING? Wow…people actually care what I might have to say…to Paraphrase from one of my favorite all time movies “The Princess Bride”….INCONCEIVABLE…and yes I know what that means!

When I started this blog I had such LOFTY plans for it. But got caught up in Twitter…yes…I’m Sweetnote there…and so my days have been filled with Tweeting my lil fingers off. I am embarrassed to say that I am a prolific tweeter:I never got into Chat Room stuff…but find the 140 character thingy SO intriguing that I feel compelled to go there daily, read info, share info, make up info and generally have a great time! Do I ever Love Twitter!

I’ve had the distinct honor to meet people I would never have ordinarily been able to interact with. Many of these are people of whom I’ve read about. I’m not talking about the @ShaquilleONeal or THE @StephenFry (whom I adore by the way), I’m talking about @ChrisBrogan, Stranahan (of Huffington Post Infamy), @TheDailyBlonde..who’s blog is inspiring and funny…to name a few off the top of my head. I’m talking internationally to people that I would never have had the opportunity in “Real Life” to associate with. People like the incredibly talented Robert Llewellyn, @bobbyllew of LlewTube but better known as Kryten from Red Dwarf. I’d actually met Mr. Llewellyn several years ago at a Dr.Who, Red Dwarf, Blakes 7 convention. Or was it the Dr.Who, Robin Hood, Red Dwarf…etc…convention? Who knows. GEEK? Oh yeah…look it up…my photo with my tongue hanging out and salivating is used to define it!

And then the AMAZING happens and I have been approached for everything from Sex to Co-Authoring Books, working on Blogs, starting a Podcast, Vidcast and so many other amazing opportunities that only a couple of years ago, did not realize existed! I am ghostwriting-co authoring two separate projects right now. Life is good.

Am I making money doing it? Nah…but I have promises in writing for some. God forgive me for being me, but he knows I solely involved in everything I do for the fun of doing it! I like money like everyone else, but do I make decisions for myself based solely on the $$…Heck No! I’m in it for the experience, the opportunity to do things I’d never pushed myself to do or become. Isn’t that what we are truly made for?

Advice? Yeah I give it freely…and for free…everything from how to get along with husbands, what gifts to buy for special occasions and what route to take to get from here to there. My life is a true blessing. Updating is now a necessity. People actually READ what I write…I shall become more vigilant to update more frequently. I promise! Besides, it’s so refreshing to have more than 140 characters to say what I want! Look for me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Sweetnote…I’m usually wearing a Cowgirl hat! HUGS and SMOOCHES….I wouldn’t have it any other way!