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Julie & Kate

My Youngest daughter, Julie, has had a thing for Katharine Hepburn since she was about 8yrs old. Julie even had a “Shrine” of photos of Katharine in her room. (Other kids had New Kids On the Block!) She had Kate’s lines from many movies memorized and had her laugh down to a science! She emulated Katharine and still does to this day! When she was about 10 I was cleaning her room and came across a paper in her trash.A letter to Kate. “Hi, I’m Julie how are you” sort of thing.I asked her why she didn’t send it to her & she said She wouldn’t answer me anyway. So I smoothed out the LONG letter,got some pics of Julie and wrote a note to Ms.Hepburn telling her about Julies love for her&what Julie had said.Sent it to her at home on the E.Coast. 6weeks later got back an envelope that said it was from Kate:I was SO excited! I ran to Julie. Julie was Furious I’d sent her letter on but excited that she’d gotten the letter. Julie opened it and saw it was on Kate’s personal stationary. Julie read it, cast it aside. I asked why she had done it and she replied, “She couldn’t even write me herself, had to have someone else write it for her.” Thought it was SO funny that she was so naive as to have thought that Kate would actually write her. I took pen in hand again and wrote a quick note to the secretary telling her Julie’s reaction. Just about a WEEK later we received another envelope. This one contained Kate’s Letterhead and a brief typed note:”Dear Julie, I have truly enjoyed your sweet letters, however, I am not in need of a penpal at this time.” Hand signed by Kate herself! Julie has gone on to be in the movie industry herself. This letter is her pride and joy…and Mine!