Let’s Talk About MOVIES

Hoping to put some MIDWEST perspective to the movies. I’m not the typical Midwest Housewife, my views are going to be completely different than the mom over the stove, pie in the oven crap you might have read before! I want to discuss every aspect of the movies. FOR INSTANCE: I just completed watching a tremendous documentary from 2004 on Editing. In my next life, I want to be a movie or TV editor. It’s a dirty, mostly thankless job, but the power of the film absolutely comes from the Editor of the movie! Wikipedia’s link to explaining the art of Editing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_editing

One of the GREATEST examples of movie editing comes to us from the shower scene in “Psycho.” I know as soon as I said “Psycho” your thoughts went directly to this scene! It’s that powerful. But take that piece of cinematic excellence and really dissect it. The cuts (no pun intended) add to the tremendous sense of suspense, the feeling of claustrophobia, helplessness, terror, mystery and gore. And in actuality it’s just little snippets brilliantly crafted on a cutting room floor that brings the high drama and suspense.

Most edits are done so smoothly that we never notice them. Yes we know when you see a couple in a bedroom, then a shot across the bed and pillows and maybe a shot of a couple of half full wine glasses and then cut to some wafting cigarette smoke, that something happened! But the true beauty of the editor are those frames we never see that allow our own imagination to fill in the good parts. That’s the responsibility of a good story teller, make the listener/viewer feel as though they are a part of the story itself.

Our next little gem of info on the movies will involve the most basic necessity and most abused:The Writer!


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