About Lil Ole Me?

It was brought to my attention that I need to talk about myself on this page. Midwest living, loving mother, sexy wife (sorry Kids!), who sings, is artistic and who likes to write! You can find me on Singsnap under the name Sweetnote or look me up on Cafepress! And NOW you can Tweet me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/sweetnote!

I’m not over the hill but I’m reaching the top quickly. I’ve never been the Donna Reed or Harriet Nelson OR the Desperate Housewives kind of woman. Too many things keep me interested and constantly changing and evolving. It’s one of my favorite things about me and also one of the things that aggravates me to pieces! I’d love to have one great passion, but I’ve got hundreds! And I do mean PASSIONS. Everything from Movies and Television to my singing and my constant hunger for knowledge and understanding how and why things are they way they are or work the way they do! I adore life. Hate knowing I’ll lose it someday. But then that little voice inside keeps saying, what’s over on the other side and what new things will I learn or do there? So the adventure keeps changing and growing. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me!


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