Dear Twitter: I QUIT! Yeah, I’ve had it…fed up with it, want nothing more to do with it……uh….no….that isn’t what happened at all.

About 3 months ago I became ill. No it wasn’t H1N1, it was all bronchial, and sinus and misery. I began being ill before going to Los Angeles to visit my two daughters and had been on medications to combat it, however, when I went to LA I arrived the very day the fires at La Canada-Flintridge broke out. These amazing fires were across the hill from where I was safely tucked in the condo with my kids and hubby. However, the smoke from the fires seemed to say…hey, isn’t that Sweetnote over there in that Condo? Let’s go and say HELLO and then it stayed for the duration of our trip!

I have had bouts of asthma in my past and had not had any episodes for some time, but the smoke and ash sent my body into overdrive. I was on the couch, with blankets covering my head, washcloth over my face to breath through and generally suffocating. Misery, I now know you for what you are! NASTY and EVIL!

I hate to admit that I was ready to come home and leave LA, because everyone knows that I have claimed that territory as my own personal favorite place in the world. I absolutely adore the vibe LA has. It’s an electricity and feeling of life that is difficult to put into words.

ANYWAY…came home, and felt better in a couple of days because the smoke finally made it’s way OUT of my burning lungs and esophagus. Upon my return home, I began work in earnest on a garage sale. One I had promised my husband I would have to divest ourselves of much unneeded GUNK and JUNK. The weather while I was working on it was quite lovely for early September, and while it was work, it was fun. Then, the day of the sale came, and so did the COLD and the RAIN. Not just a little rain, a LOT of rain. Because of my weakness from the asthma, I immediately went back into a full blown bronchial attack that stayed with me throughout the 2 weeks of the garage sale…and then decided it would stay for over 2 months!

What does all this have to do with Twitter? Well, if you can’t tell from the above, I was too ill to get up and sit mindlessly tweeting to my friends. I went quiet on Twitter. I started to get lovely notes from people wondering if I was dead…what few tweets I was making were, hello I’m still sick and still alive. Not fun to read for anyone!

So About 2 weeks ago, after my lengthy drought from Tweeting, I said to myself. This is ridiculous. Why am I keeping a Twitter account if I’m not there, and with one fell click of the ENTER key, deleted my account. I was thinking, no one would even notice I wasn’t there!

Then, it began: My daughter Julie called me out of the clear blue sky and says, “Mom, you need to get on Twitter and let people know you are ok, I’m getting emails from people wondering where you are.” This was significant as my daughter Julie does NOT tweet, does not have an account and refuses to read anything I tweet because it just ticks her off. SO I say to Julie, well, I deleted my account. Her response? OK, good.

Then a few days later, my daughter, @teelajbrown on Twitter, calls me and says, “Mother (she calls me Mother when she’s upset with me), Why did you delete your account?” I explained what I just revealed to you but she was not nearly as forgiving as you who may be reading this, hopefully will be. “You know you didn’t need to delete your account, you could have just explained to people what was going on.” So my thought? “GOOD POINT” followed by DOH! What Have I Done? So I reinstated my account!

I’ve made quite a reputation for myself on Twitter, both good and bad. I’ve have so many acquaintances and a handful of people who are truly my friends. I’m looking back now at all this and thinking to myself, yeah, that was dumb. But there is a certain amount of depression that goes with extended illness and when you can’t have control over your body and make it get better, one feels the need for control over something! Good;bad;or indifferent, I had chosen to take control by deleting not only my Twitter account, but HIDING most of my songs on I hadn’t been able to sing either due to the bad chest/throat thingy. (technical term)

So what is the point of this rambling? This is my formal apology to those Twit Fans and Friends for abandoning something I loved and (in fact) abandoning many of you at the same time. I am very sorry for worrying many of you and for not keeping in touch. It won’t happen again until I’m too old to Tweet! Seeing as how Liz Taylor still tweets, that may be a LONG TIME from now! I’m Jussayin!

And to you who do not know me as @Sweetnote on Twitter, it’s nice to meet you. Do stop in and say hello. Hopefully we’ll become good friends, Twitmates even!

And as Sweetnote always says:Smooches

Sweetnote has LEFT the Tweetbox!


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